Your Halloween Health and Fitness Tips

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Here’s what you can practice to help navigate your holiday in a healthier way

Goals – they’re important to strive for progress

As it is rightly said, ‘strive for progress and not for perfection’. You can choose your means to remind your goals. Use fitness apps or put a few sticky notes to inform and remind you of your scheduled activities. Whether you’re keeping a track of your running or your diet, fitness apps is an added lead to help you reach your goal before the Halloween. So, before you hit your neighbor’s Halloween party, plan your diet chart and workout routine to get rid of your weight gain worries.

Workout – not just before the Halloween

Slow and steady wins the race. Exercising vigorously just a week before the festive season won’t help. If you’ve not yet planned your workout routine, it’s high time you start your day with 30 minutes of cardiovascular exercises and gradually start practicing strength training. Health and nutrition experts say that exercising only allow you a little room to adjust the candy calories and put you in the right mindset to make healthy choices when it comes to the Halloween party plan.

Diet – manage your hunger

Pre-planned meals will always make you feel satiated and so, you’re less likely to break-in the Halloween candy bowls. Don’t skip your breakfast or lunch on the Halloween day to bank your calories for sweets. I have a plan to eat a bowl of low-fat giant tossed chicken salad and veggies to keep my tummy full. So what are your plans?  Your stuffed stomach with healthy food will make you go overboard with the treats. Also, it is important to check what you’re drinking in the party. Keep your hands and mouth busy with low-calorie cup of coffee, tea, or juice.

And if you are the host of the party tonight, consider buying non-candy goodies, healthier snacks, and baggies of nuts and raisins. Surprise your guests with a variety of low-calorie foods and make your Halloween party unique this time. A quality content diet is important for good health in the long run.

Portion size – you better watch it

As I said, everything in moderation. So, it does not mean you cannot touch anything sugary. Do not deprive yourself of any treat. Eat everything, but check the portion size. However, don’t feel guilty for enjoying a small portion of a ‘not so nutritious’ snacks. As you treat yourself with some unwanted fats on the party night, just hop back on the track the next day. Opt for an intense workout, which could be running, walking, swimming, cycling, weight training or kickboxing to set you right back on track with your healthy lifestyle after the treat.

Focus more on fun and less on food

Halloween is only one night. Try not to make it your gateway to an insatiable holiday season. Stay in shape and overcome overeating this season. Replace your candy bowl with a plate of colorful fruits and veggies. Decorate your fruit salad and vegetable bowl in a way that goes well with the Halloween theme party. This instills a little fun to the overall merry-making mood. It is a sheer excuse that Halloween gathering takes your focus off your healthy way of eating. Take charge of your Halloween plans and consult and delegate who brings what dish.

Candies – calories – weight gain – DI the thought of Halloween party spoiling your fitness regime? Are you only thinking of the ever-abundant Halloween candies that can ruin all your hard work? Well! It is not that scary as you may think. Instead, make the most of this holiday festive season with the right diet and exercise plan. Do not deprive yourself of any treats – the trick lies in moderation, because deprivation will only make you CRAVE for more food.


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